Tired of stamp cards?

With MemberCard, your loyalty program enters the digital future.

What is MemberCard?

An innovative solution for the management of members as well as their credits or loyalty points in credit card size, developed in Switzerland.

For whom is MemberCard?

MemberCard is ideal for all organizations that want to improve their member loyalty and reward their regular guests, sponsors, VIPs, etc. with individual points or credits.

No expensive hardware needed!

In order to use MemberCard you don't need any additional devices or apps. Just scan your card with any modern smartphone.


Simple Web App

Tired of stamp cards and Excel lists? In a simple and user-friendly webapp you can manage all your members. This gives you access to your data at any time and from anywhere.

No Additional Hardware

In order to use MemberCard you only need a smartphone with NFC functionality (or QR scanner) and an internet connection. No additional expensive devices have to be purchased.

Various Member Categories

Your members can be divided into different categories, which are displayed in bold when scanning a card. Such as: Member, Sponsor, VIP, Staff, etc.

Credits & Articles

You can assign any credits to your members, e.g. for credit, points, free drinks or free admission.
To quickly add or subtract credits, you can also create articles in the form of buttons (with text or images).

Customizable MemberCards

MemberCards are in standard credit card format, fit into every wallet, and can be designed according to your needs.
Certain text fields can be customized on every card, opening up the possibility of personalizing MemberCards to individual members.


Keep track of changes in your number of members and credits. Also check your employees' transactions so that you can, for example, create appropriate invoices.

Various User Roles

Using the three user roles admin, manager and operator you can give all your employees the necessary rights for operation.

Made in Switzerland

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MemberCard was developed in and is serviced from Bern.

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Get to know MemberCard
Free Unlimited in time
  • Free test cards: 3 *
  • Number of operators: 1
  • Number of members: 50
  • Each additional member: CHF 0.5

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Ideal for small organizations
CHF 19
per month
  • Number of operators: 3
  • Number of members: 100
  • Each additional member: CHF 0.1


Ideal for medium organizations
CHF 49
per month
  • Number of operators: 10
  • Number of members: 500
  • Each additional member: CHF 0.075


Ideal for large organizations
CHF 79
per month
  • Number of operators: unlimited
  • Number of members: 1000
  • Each additional member: CHF 0.05



Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to purchase the MemberCard system and put it into operation.

1. Register

Here you can register your organization as well as an admin user.

Once you're registered, we will contact you via email.

You are now logged in and can configure the web app according to your wishes:

2.1 Create member types

Each member must be assigned to a member type.
These can be freely defined and named. For example: member, sponsor, VIP, staff, etc.
Member types are shown in bold when scanning a MemberCard.

They can be defined freely as well. For example: credit, loyalty points, free drinks, t-shirts, free admissions, etc.
Once a credit type has been defined, credits can be added to a member.
With an Operator login (or higher), credits can be both subtracted and added after scanning a card.

Articles can be created so that a defined amount of credits can be quickly added or subtracted.
Articles could be an apple, a coffee, a beer, $50, 20 points, etc.
They appear above the credits in the form of buttons (with text or images) when scanning a card with Operator login (or higher).

If you don't want to do everything yourself, create additional users (via the user list at the top right) and assign them the appropriate rights.

Also take a look at your company's settings (via the burger menu at the top right). There you can customize the view for you and your members with, for example, a logo or a surface colour.

If you send us your design as well as your postal address we will order the correct NFC cards for you.

Depending on the number, the maximum cost is CHF 3.- per card.
From 100 cards: CHF 2.50 per card.
From 1000 cards: CHF 2.- per card.

You don't have a card design yet? We would be happy to create a custom-made design for you.
A design including two revisions costs CHF 250.-.
We will then charge CHF 30 for each further revision or variant.

Register your members by scanning your cards with a smartphone and manager login (or higher).

When first scanning a new card, the form for creating a member is opened automatically. Once you've configured your member you can press on "save" or "save as template".

If a template is used, all static parameters are automatically applied to subsequently scanned cards.

Now you are ready for the member management of the future. Distribute your MemberCards and keep your smartphone ready.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. For all further questions you can contact us via .

What are the system requirements for MemberCard?

In order to scan a MemberCard you only need a smartphone with NFC functionality (or QR scanner) and a working internet connection.

Yes, reading the cards via QR code is a little less elegant, but it is also possible.
If necessary, these can easily be entered into the card design.

The NFC cards have to be purchased once. Depending on the number, these cost a maximum of CHF 3.- per card.
From 100 cards: CHF 2.50 per card.
From 1000 cards: CHF 2.- per card.

The MemberCard service costs CHF 0.-, CHF 19.–, CHF 49.– or CHF 79.– per month, depending on which package you choose.

Additional members outside of the selected package cost either CHF 0.5, CHF 0.1, CHF 0.075 or CHF 0.05 per member and month.

Monthly costs are billed per organization yearly in advance.

There are no setup or transaction fees.

The monthly costs include hosting of the web app and database, regular security updates and backups, as well as technical support if you have any questions or problems.

Yes, individual customizations are billed at CHF 125.– per hour according to the time needed.

No. Just send us your design and we will source the NFC cards for you. Depending on the number, the costs amount to a maximum of CHF 3.- per card.
From 100 cards: CHF 2.50 per card.
From 1000 cards: CHF 2.- per card.

You don't have a design yet? No problem: We can offer a design customized to your individual needs. One design including two revisions costs CHF 250.–. Each further revision or version of the design on top of that will be billed at CHF 30.–.

MemberCard offers the following roles: admin, manager and operator.

of operators can scan cards and subtract or add credits.

Manager can also manage members and view the history of all past actions.

Admin can also create member types, credit types and articles as well as manage users and assign rights.